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27th-Jun-2008 05:14 am - Re-blogging
I know I haven't blogged for ages...but I was inspired to because I am at home and mostly have little better to do...

I don't believe in writing confessionals online anymore, but I suppose I ought to address one simple point:

I wonder why I haven't been writing as much of late? I had all aspirations of being a screenwriter, a novelist, a journalist, a chronicler of my life if not others', but then what happened?

I am happy now. I'd like to think that my various obsessions through the years were borne of genuine love of creativity and not just of a need to fill in an emptiness, but it's hard for me to believe that isn't actually the case. At least the musical creativity is happening again...albeit so differently. It comes from such a different part of my insides, less the impetuous emotional and more the logical "musician."
Have to share this, it's too funny, but I'm too lazy to write it up, especially given that Stacy already has!

Let me just say, dada mindfuck on a sunday afternoon! (fyi, I am the "fellow GPer" in question)
The Kafka-esque Harlequin
12th-Jan-2008 02:32 am(no subject)
Confirmed. In the affirmative :)
11th-Jan-2008 02:19 am - Time time time
O man. What a waste. I designated tonight to work HARD on paper (due tomorrow mind you), even ditched my friends doing far more interesting things, but probably spent 2 hours playing guitar, 2 on paper, and then a whole hour staring at pictures online of my Mohinder.

That's this bloke, if you care (we all know I'm only posting it so that I can stare at it extensively if I ever log on):

In other news, I think Craig kinda maybe sort of asked me out to dinner? That probably has far more responsibility for my scattered inability to concentrate. Will find out tomorrow, heh.
2nd-Jan-2008 04:48 am - Epic Jogging
Went for a long walk on the levee with this morning with Ambica, passed a hundred New Years Resolutions; Sugar Land has never seen so many people out walking/running!

Also...I find it bizarre how commercials are selling Atonement as an "epic romance." That's sort of not the point of the movie at all? I haven't seen it since early October, but I think Keira Knightley is in it for a total of about ten minutes. She does a BRILLIANT job, mind you, but this is more of an ensemble piece, and definitely it's Briony's story (the little girl). Nonetheless go see it!

Don't take your parents though. You'll know why when you see it! Let's just say there is a very surprising use of the phrase "I.W.T.L.Y.C."

As if I'd spoil it for you ;)
1st-Jan-2008 07:42 am - So This Is The New Year!
Cartoon Doc
In with the old, out with the new! I'd be pretty happy if 2008 at least equalled 2007: a pretty good year. Especially the end 3 months.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my time in Sugar Land as well. Maybe I'm overestimating, but I think I've made some everlasting friends in 2007. And resolidified old ones, which is maybe the best part!

To all of you a toast!

And to the places I have been.

To the loves tossed away in ignorance, and the loves yet to come.

To the happiness of my friends; not a one of them deserves wrong.

To new starts and new futures.

To the mistakes made, cause without them there's no moving forward.

To letting go of old grudges and false hopes,

To the unknown! And to saving the world :)

I'm overtaken with optimism, which may abandon me at any time in the future, but for now it's time to build on everything impacting me in 2007. To carry it forward with me safely, not just hide the bad bits and worship the highs. It's a good thing, celebrating the New Year with people I actually like.

That said, I hated New Year 2007, but the year turned out ok!

Best of lists shall follow later :)
25th-Dec-2007 12:54 am - Xmas Eve
What a way to fake celebrate Christmas! The silliest game of Taboo ever.

Surprisingly, I'm not hating being home. Partly because family friend parties aren't quite as hateful now that I actually have FRIENDS at them,

and partly because I read Little Children (the very good novel that inspired the very good movie) right when I was about to hate life completely. Which taught me that the most boring of situations can lend itself to perhaps more humor and poignancy than the richest of environments. And suddenly suburbia didn't seem like an inspirational void.
17th-Dec-2007 11:32 pm - Walks Along the Seine
I was all set to talk about Paris and its exhilaration, and how wonderful the past week has been generally, but then I saw this, which distracted me and excited me no end:

Which is possibly gonna be the best movie ever, if only because it sounds like the cast actually sings really really well (I'll be honest, the plot is a bit thin, so it's really about the songs). And also, WHAT A CAST!!!

And also remarkably fitting, given that Pete, Paul and I had a three hour conversation about why Dancing Queen is the most perfect pop song ever.
7th-Dec-2007 01:21 am(no subject)
Someone very kindly leaked the last 3 eps of Dexter before they even air! So have spent the last three hours screaming "FUCKING KILL HER" everytime fucking Lila gets on screen. Am not sure that any character has ever irritated me so intensely for so long. Not even ONE redeeming feature. Ugh. Another 20 minutes to go! Perhaps my hopes and dreams shall come through.
2nd-Dec-2007 02:00 am(no subject)
Man what a weekend! Will get into Friday later I'm sure, but suffice it to say that there were shouting matches in the street.

At one point tonight though, the 80s floor at Tiger Tiger was playing my DREAM 80s setlist (at least in terms of danceability):

I think I enjoyed the selection cause it was the more fun uplifting stuff, other 80s nights i've been to have been the more melancholy Smiths and New Order and Joy Division, which, while fantastic, create a different mood. So this was different. Nonetheless, the level of perfectness all in a row seriously it freaked me out:

Kim Wilde - Keep Me Hangin On': This was a total surprise! It's just awesome. I've loved it since I was 12.

Queen - Boho Rhapsody: A classic that needs no explanation.

ABBA - Dancing Queen: I think the New York Times recently said that this is the best dance song of all time. It really is...not just cause I love ABBA. When it comes on, there's something so wonderful about the chords, the melody, and the lyrics that just makes you feel one even with a roomful of strangers.

Bee Gees - Tragedy: Sadly not the Steps version, but didn't stop everyone from doing the silly dance moves :). Which makes me happy.

B52s - Love Shack: Again needs no explanation.

A-Ha - Take On Me: Again, just duh.

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: A total cliche, but I'm a girl who just wants to have fun!

Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky (It's really kind of amazing the longevity Kylie has had, and it's not just cashing in on past success, Kylie is just...Kylie. And that is why she shall be the best Doctor Who companion ever.)

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill: Can't really get away from her. If it's an 80s club you hear this song, if it's an indie club you get the Futurehead's version of Hounds of Love!
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