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21st-Aug-2009 09:04 am - Rules of Writing
Rules of writing:

1. Plot, plot, plot
2. Great character names are awesome and necessary.
3. Establish a strong, unique point of view (even more important than voice)
4. How about a story set in the recent past, lacking politics or event (an even can serve as its frame? how about the anti-israeli riots in london?)
5. How about the false ideals built from working in a college paper?
6. It needs to be something someone can relate to. Not everyone. But someone.
23rd-Jan-2009 12:23 pm - serious blog
Cartoon Doc
16th-Nov-2008 05:04 am - Old Friends...Nothing But Bookends...
Cartoon Doc
That's rubbish Paul, old friends are less like bookends and more like the shelves...constant, unchanging, and always running through your life no matter how easy it is to ignore them, until they break. And what sits atop is what is afflicted by a variable rate of change.

Amy apologized the other day for not having time to chat extensively, and yet I realized we have somehow managed to have a 5-15 minute conversation every other day at least. I thought how much easier these 5-15-30 minute conversations are, just keeping pace with the here and now of each other's lives, none of this "let's have a 2 hour catch up on everything that's happened in each other's lives," which frankly terrifies me, and is the reason I haven't called some people who I would consider quite close. I DREAD that. There's no personality or friendship involved in a factual catchup.

Ignoring the absences and moving on...that lends extra importance to the congruences of life. And makes it easier to maintain in the future. It's not just Amy though. I spoke to Ashleigh, and we had about 2 minutes of "what we've been upto" lame chitchat, before we got right into being that being that is "me and ashleigh," just like there are beings of "me and amy," or "me and kristi," or "me and 'insert group here'". Kat called me, and it was for no other reason than to ask for a book recommendation while she was at Borders. It's like we call each other every day to talk about random shit, just like we used to back in college! And it made me exceedingly happy :)

All that's left is Kristi, you elusive elusive bastard with no voice. peter i will see you tomorrow.
7th-Oct-2008 08:28 pm - Music and Lyrics
Cartoon Doc
Music is everything to me.

I've realized this more than ever as I've tried to explain it...in fact I recall getting into quite a heated argument with Pete and Craig down Cowley Road in Oxford...what's interesting is that my attitude seemed to compliment my attitude in a number of other heated discussions we had through the day (when i say heated i mean passionate, it was all fun and enlightening, not tense.)

But one thing I have absolutely established for sure...American Indie > British Indie. British Indie all sounds the same and has rubbish lyrics. I mean the mainstream claptrap, not the good stuff. Love the clever stuff. Hate the stuff that's whiny and emo and frankly a bit pop-punk. Hate the derivative stuff even more...cause that's anti-indie. Indie is not about making it big. And I resent the fact that no. 1 hits in England are called "indie." That's the opposite of indie. Indie is about being strange and being musical and singing about things that aren't "i'm so in love with the girl in my locker room, i just don't know what i should do." The Pigeon Detectives, while having the coolest band name ever, canNOT reasonably be called indie (they sound like every pop-punk band i was forced to listen to freshman year in college). Nor can the Kooks (they sound like the Hot Hot Heat, and while I love the Hot Hot Heat, they sound TOO MUCH like them, and whine too much. And butcher MGMT songs.). Can you tell I have an issue with the Kooks??? (But I do think Naive is amazing, though probs cause the Lily Allen version is lovely).

Which brings me to the next point...even though my tastes now run toward much more "fun" sounding music, music you can dance to...lyrics are still important. Which makes me wonder why I have so little consideration for them in my own music (probs cause I always leave it for last, and can't be bothered...) Or bc lyrics are SO important to me, I can never satisfy myself, so therefore why bother trying?

Final point: for the English, emo is misdefined...for them it's what we would call "goth" or "pop-punk." Our emo is: Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Juliana Theory, Sunny Day Real Estate, the Anniversary, Bright Eyes (no one in England would dare call Bright Eyes emo, but he's sorta canonical emo). Aka, emo has nothing to do with whininess (except for Dashboard.) It has to do with simplifying complicated emotions like loss and love for teenagers and the emotionally retarded (such as myself). It's not about suicide and wrist-slitting (that's modern alt-rock, and pop-punk, and hardcore.) Which is why we all who used to be emo grow out of it, because we eventually experience those things and find that the simplifications absolutely do not hold.
30th-Sep-2008 11:04 pm - China
Cartoon Doc
I was thinking the other day how I haven't listened to this song in at least a year, probably more, and wondering if it still touches me as deeply as it used to.

To tell the truth I've been scared to listen to it, as I don't want to relate to it as well as I once did. Cause at that time, things in my life weren't quite right. In fact, not even close.

Thinking about it two days ago, without still listening to it, my biggest question was how I could have ever sat and questioned whether it was a sad or happy song. In my memory it had to be a sad song.

Listening to it again now, I think my original question still holds. Because it might not be about sadness...it may be about foolish hopefulness...and that is the most amazing/warming emotion humans can feel.

It may not even be about the end of a relationship like I once thought...it could be about those wrong assumptions that you make that drive you crazy. And I am prone to making loads of those. Therefore I can relate :)

And it is still the most fucking beautiful song I've ever heard.

And the new Hither Green housemate, John, came in as I was listening to Silent All These Years and we had a conversation about the general awesomeness of Tori Amos as he made his dinner.

These are things that make me happy.

As does the rest of the evening generally :)
25th-Sep-2008 10:50 pm - Love and Novels
Had a long conversation about novels with Avery the other day. She's the only person here in London who reads as many novels as I do (apart from Tim, but he's a librarian, and therefore disqualified!).

We were trading recommendations, and she commented about how most of my favorite novels are in some way related to love and relationships (that day I think I recommended Time Traveler's Wife, hence her comment. Of course I also recommended Life of Pi and Everything Is Illuminated, neither of which have anything to do with love.)

I replied with some offhand comment that I didn't entirely mean about how I like books that are about "real" humanity, and that humanity is consumed by either the pursuit of or recovery from love. I still don't think that's entirely true. Nor are all my favorite novels about love. But even the Eternal Joker didn't respond with a sarcastic comment.

Therefore, it does seem something to think about. I'd like to think it's not what life boils down to, because that oversimplifies us as creatures, but I cannot deny how quickly it changes things: our priorities, our commitments.
4th-Sep-2008 12:57 am - Dissertations...and other Notes
Have finished the dissertation, which was halfway to disaster, but at least it's finished! Have been so obsessed with it that I don't think I've quite come to terms with the fact that my masters is over! That should strike soon. Have mostly been revelling in being allowed my brain back to myself.

And strangely, the first decision made was to indulge in strawberries and chocolate last evening. Which I can safely say was the best decision ever. Especially given that I did NOT light Craig's room on fire with my makeshift sieve+bowl stove, as was my biggest concern.
30th-Jun-2008 06:44 pm - Movies watched since coming home
So far...

Prince Caspian!! Woot!
Get Smart! Missed it by that much.
Walk Hard! Words can't describe my love for it.
Wind that Shakes the Barley...holy depression Batman!!!
Little Children...one of my absolute favorites...still love it every time!
30th-Jun-2008 03:15 am - oxfordia
Am watching The Inspector Lewis Mysteries on Pbs, (a spinoff from inspector morse), and it's entirely set in old Oxford, the part I am most familiar with from my 2005 sojourn. While I still vaguely remember it as the happiest place in world, now when they do the sweeping shots around town, all I see is bookmarks of past misbehaviour! Oops.

When I say "oops" i actually mean "mischievous giggles at the expense of my foolish youth," but whatever. They even did a scene punting on the Thames! And had drinks at Thirst (stupid hour for the win!)

My God! The chapel whose 13th century piano we'd desecrate with Johnny Cash and Ben Folds and Tori Amos!!! aww good times.
29th-Jun-2008 07:14 pm(no subject)
Ha! I am so entertained that so much of Dr. Who fandom has turned against Rose!
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